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Jive Hire gives you access to a team of professionals that can assist in the customer service, admin, online development and technical support areas of your business. Providing you with talented, experienced staff is our top priority.

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Our Services

Customer Support

Access dedicated and experienced resources that can help you achieve a high level of service quality.

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Administrative Support

Ensuring your business processes always run smoothly.

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Technical Support

Keeping your business units up and running

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Web Development Support

We manage and maintain your brand’s online presence with the help of our dedicated marketing and development team.

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What Our Clients Say

About Our Services

Jive Hire allowed us to focus on our business instead of being involved in administrative and customer service responsibilities. Our agent was punctual, eager to please, and enhanced our customer service department’s response time. As our client based increased, we knew we were always covered.

Manny Erik

Cooling & Beyond, New York

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